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White Horse Theatre: “What a show!”

On the 23rd April 2018, the White Horse Theatre visited our school to perform three different plays adjusted to age class.

Please read the reviews of our students:

“Billy’s new friend is a great play directed by the White Horse Theatre. The characters were Billy, Billy’s mum, Billy’s father, Gerald (the Gorilla), Mr. Noodleton, the teacher, the 2 army officers and the circus manager. All of these roles were played very well with only 4 actors. The play is about a kid called Billy, who has problems at home. Someday Billy sees a gorilla and calls him Gerald. Gerald and Billy become friends. But since Gerald is a gorilla, people want to kill him. In the end, Gerald and Billy’s father join a circus. From that day on, Gerald is safe and Billy gets to see Gerald every day. “

(Patrick Rausch, 5d)

“Lipgloss, is a stage play about two girls, who live in different worlds, but both take part in a TV-show where they have to sing. As they both win the sing show, they try to sing together, although they are so different. At the end, the two girls make it, achieve success and finally become very good friends.”

(Marie Lindekamp, 8b)

“The third one was Othello by William Shakespeare for the Q1. Before performing it, the four actors visited Ms. Braun`s English LK. We were allowed to ask any questions after the cast told us about the most important and the most different passages of the play. Because of that, we were better informed about Shakespeare`s works.

Othello (Devane Boyd), the protagonist is a designated general in the Venetian army. The play begins after the war when he comes back to his wife Desdemona (Eleanor Kingsley). Throughout the play, Othello`s life is falling apart because Iago, an officer tricks him into thinking that Desdemona is cheating on her husband with his lieutenant Cassio (Leah Graham). A less important role is Emilia who embodies the married couple`s housemaid and Iago`s wife. The villain Iago is jealous of Cassio who is in a higher position than Iago because of Cassios` friendship to Othello. This is the reason, why Jago is tricking Othello. His plan is successful in the end because Othello wants Jago to kill Cassio, kills Desdemona and himself in the end after realising what he did and knowing of Desdemona not having cheated on him.

All in all the play was very interesting with many emotions. The difficult words and passages were still understandable and prepared us to read more difficult books. “

(Anne Bouwmann, Q1 E LK)

Thank you for coming!

Texte: s. Namen der Schülerinnen und Schüler unter den jeweiligen Beiträgen / Fotos: Jeannette Braun

Konrad Adenauer Gymnasium Kleve

Konrad Adenauer Gymnasium Kleve